Offset Inks

Color Cosmo takes pride in its flagship product , UV Offset Inks or CC – UV OFF. Offset inks, being tricky in nature, have been perfected by Color Cosmo and supplied to a number of reputed customers. Along with the Process Colors i.e CMYK, Color Cosmo have also perfected the art of PMS Color production along with Custom Bespoke Spot Colors required by its customer.

At Color Cosmo, we continuously thrive to delivery top notch product with every batch production. We keep a tight check to ensure the following:

  • Low Odor
  • Minimum ΔE*
  • Best adhesion
  • Low tack to minimize wastage
  • High Cure speed for High Speed Machines
  • High Gloss
  • High Color Strength
  • Excellent Ink Transfer
  • Good Scuff Resistance

CC – UV OFF is used for a number of different application, some include,

  • Normal Foot Board
  • Metalised Foot Board
  • PE Coated paper
  • PP Coated sticker
  • HDPE and PP Containers
COLOR COSMO | Offset Inks
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